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Physicality and Performing Arts Festival

                            A letter from Michael Rosman,



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Ladies and Gentlemen, It is our great honor and privilege to present MotionFest  FINALE! 
Creating and Producing MotionFest has been one heck of a ride and it is one of my proudest accomplishments.  I could not be happier with it. I am so proud of the other producers, the attendees, the teachers, the public shows, and the general goodwill and improvement we provided the variety arts performance community.
I never imagined how fast and far the word would spread on MotionFest.  I never imagined the gratitude people would give to us for putting these on.  I never imagined how many people's lives would change dramatically because of what they learned, who they met, or what they were confident enough to do after attending MF.
The decision to make this the final MotionFest was both easy and hard to make.  Easy to make in the sense that I have so many other projects I desperately wish to work on and hard to make as I will miss almost every aspect of planning and producing MotionFest. 
Producing a final MotionFest was inevitable someday.  While doing it now may catch some as a disappointing surprise, we wanted to go out on top. This is still the best professional development conference for professional variety entertainers in the North America.  We still love making them and people still love coming to them.  Making a last now is going to be bittersweet.  What we can promise you is that we will only feel good about making it the last one if it is in fact the Very Best One.  We are going to go nuts to bring you the most incredible MotionFest ever.  It is the last one that will be remembered.  It will be incredible.
Will this really be the last MotionFest?  It is my intention to make this the last MotionFest.  I realize that there will be pressure to continue.  I never say never, so I am committing to keeping MotionFest dormant for at least three years.  The Laughter Arts Foundation, producers of MotionFest, will still be active and involved in the performing arts community during this time.  It is possible that MotionFest could return someday in some capacity, but not until 2007 at the earliest.  I repeat that a future MotionFest is only a possibility and not a likelihood.
To Todd Strong, Wil Allyn, Phil DePalo
I thank and love you all.
To every person who contributed, helped and or attended a MotionFest either an East or West, I humbly thank you from my deepest being.
See you in Baltimore this Nov for one last dance.
With Best Regards added from Wil, Todd and Phil,
I wish you all greatness,

Michael Rosman