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MotionFest EAST 2004 Full Registration Fees:

$425 Before August 1

$475 Up to September 1

$525 After September 1

Full Registration includes:

bulletRoom for 4 nights (Wednesday-Saturday Double Occupancy)
bulletAdmission to all workshops & lectures
bullet Complimentary Buffet Breakfast each morning
bulletA way cool MotionFest T-shirt
bullet Tickets to all onsite shows
bullet Half price admission to all offsite shows

(Partial registration information available below)

Your Personal Information:
First Name:
Last Name:
Zip/Postal Code:
Phone number:
Best time to call you?
Your age in November 2004?

Alumni Discount Section:

If you have attended MotionFest before you can receive a discount of $25.

Check here if you are an alumni (subject to verification)

The Following Section is for FULL REGISTRATION ONLY

Please fill out this section only if registering for the full package

I want my own room ($ 200 extra)
I need a room Sunday Night ($55 extra - Not included in Full Package)
I don't want to register for a room (subtract $100)
Please assign me a roommate
I would like to room with:

Their phone number:

Best time to call them:

Their email:

Intensive Workshops:

Please select the instructors you would like for the intensive workshops, in order of preference. Each festival attendee can take ONE Intensive workshop per day, a total of FOUR over the weekend. Make all six choices and we will do our best to give you your top four.
Click here for workshop information

1st choice     2nd choice

3rd choice     4th choice

5th choice     6th choice

Pre-MotionFest Wednesday Workshops:

So many teachers, so little time?  Start a bit early with the Wednesday workshops! 

Please check two of the three workshops instructors below.  The workshops times are from 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm.

Michael Rock
Bob Fitch
To Be Announced

These workshops are available to all for a rate of $75 if you plan on attending other days or the full package and for $100 if you only attend Wednesday.

Additional Stuff to do at MotionFest EAST 2004:

I would like to be in the Nov. 10 Video Shoot performance.
I would like to have a photo session with an on-site photographer.
I would like my caricature drawn by an on-site artist.
I have material to perform for critique (Free).

There is a possibility that certain instructors will be available for private 1:1 critique/workshopping sessions for a fee of $100/hr. Would you be interested
in this? If so, who would you like to work with and for how long?

More About You:

What is your professional background?

What topics do you want to see covered in the lectures?

How did you hear about MotionFest?


T-Shirt Size:

Clown College Graduates

Will you be attending the Clown College Reunion?  Click here for registration form!

yes    no

What year did you graduate?

The Following Section is for PARTIAL REGISTRATION ONLY

Check here if you are NOT registering for the full package

If you checked the above box, please check the day(s) you would like to register for.
Please note that these fees do not include a room.

Wednesday   $ 75 (with any other package)
Wednesday   $ 100 (just Wednesday, nothing else)
Thursday   $ 100
Friday       $ 150
Saturday   $ 150
Sunday     $ 125

Pay By:

If the form is complete, print it out for your records and click the 'SUBMIT' button below to send it in. (Only click the button once, and please be patient if it takes a minute. Thanks.)

*Payment Options are available on the next page.

About Registration: There are TWO steps...

1. Fill out the registration form above. Print the page for your records and click the submit button to send it in to us.

2. Use a credit card or make out a check for the full amount owed payable to Laughter Arts Foundation, write MotionFest East in the notes section, and send it to and send it to:
  MotionFest East 
12621 Mt. Laurel Ct. Reisterstown, MD 21136

Payment by Credit Card and Online Check:
It is possible to pay for registration with a credit card or an online check. If you'd like to send in payment online, click here to be transported.  Fill in your personal information, amount owed and credit card info and submit the form. Note: The charge on your card bill will be from the PAYPAL *LAUGHTERART.

**Please note that a surcharge of 2.9% will need to be added to each charge.

When we receive your email form submission, we will hold a space for you. However, you are not fully registered and guaranteed admission to MotionFest until we receive your check or credit card payment! MotionFest attendance will be limited and is expected to sell out. Only registrants who have PAID IN FULL will be guaranteed admission. Register and PAY as soon as possible to guarantee a spot!

Cancellation Policy
If you register and then the 'gig of a lifetime' comes along, no worries... give us 30 days notice and your registration fee will be refunded, less $50. Less than 30 days notice and we keep $100. Come on... if it's the 'gig of a lifetime,' it must be paying well or you wouldn't be cancelling. Forfeited monies can be applied in full to future MotionFest events.

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